checkacct: find accounts by full name


If a member does not know their account name, you can use this script to look it up.

Before recording an account request for a group with approve, check to see if the group already has an account. Be sure to use different forms and abbreviations of the group's name to maximize the chance that a group will be found.

This script will search LDAP for case-insensitive matches in any part of the full name or account name, including part of a word. For example, checkacct wa fel andy will search for any account that has "wa" (as in waf), "fel" (as in Felix), and "andy" (as in Andy) in the full name (LDAP cn) or account name (LDAP uid).


$ checkacct wa fel andy
Login: waf                  Name: Felix Andy Wong

$ checkacct dara
Login: darac                Name: Dara T. Chu
Login: laktalk              Name: Lakshmi Sridaran
Login: sby                  Name: Sanji Bandara Yapa
Login: angeloq              Name: Cesar Angelo Quindara
Login: jayasund             Name: Jayasree Padma Sundaram
Login: dpastor              Name: Dara Elana Pastor
Login: msiva                Name: Matheepan Sivagnanasundaram
Login: daraech              Name: Diana Darae Choe
Login: suchitha             Name: Suchitha Sundaram
Login: csavong              Name: Christindaravy Savong
Login: norac                Name: Nora Chandara
Login: salmabah             Name: Salma Bahadarakhann
Login: darabkin             Name: David Andrew Rabkin
Login: daradib              Name: Dara Adib
Login: akhilsun             Name: Akhil Sundararajan
Login: mdarabi              Name: ZARA MARISA DARABIFARD
Login: eeden                Name: Elana Dara Eden