paper: view and modify print quotas


The paper script is used to list and modify user print quotas. When users print documents, their print quota is updated in a central database on mysql that is also checked to make sure users have enough print quota before sending their document(s) to the printer. This database can be queried and modified by the paper script, which internally uses ocflib to access the database.

The paper script can be used from anywhere to list pages remaining per day and per semester, but can currently only be used to change print quotas by issuing refunds from supernova.

Usage Scenarios

View help (shows possible commands and arguments)

$ paper -h
$ paper view -h
$ paper refund -h

View balances

For yourself:

$ paper

For other users:

$ paper view <user>

Issue refunds (change user balances)

Refunds can be positive or negative, so you can add or subtract quotas using this method. By default they are positive, so you are refunding them for pages wrongly used. Make sure to surround the reason in quotes if it contains spaces, otherwise the command will not work.

$ paper refund --pages <num_pages> --reason "<reason>" <user>