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This Year’s Canoe

The Last Bearbender

Following in Aang’s hopeful, adventurous, and fantastical journeys across the world, Cal’s Concrete Canoe faces its challenging mission of competing virtually.

Just like the Emmy award-winning animated television show, we’re drawing on influences from world-wide martial arts, Western animation, East Asian heritage, and international culture.

2020’s Calaxy

The universe has always fascinated humans. From the stars and planets to galactic systems, we were inspired to express the creative infinity that is space.

From the stars we’ve told tales of gods and goddesses, stories of extraterrestrial life, and expressions like “reach for the stars.” The hope and unlimited potential of space were captured through 2020’s canoe, Calaxy.


Bearneath the Sea

90% of our ocean remains completely unexplored. This year was our ode to delving into the unknown.

The curiosity of oceanographers and innovation required for deep sea exploration are virtues the team strove to implement 2019’s canoe, Bearneath the Sea.

Previous Canoes

Optical Illusion


Bear Necessities