Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for communication both amongst the team and with external groups. This individual networks extensively with other environmental organizations to plan events and initiatives together and advertise each other’s work. They also represent HADSA in the Eco Leaders Coalition. The Communications Coordinator also corresponds with individuals who are interested in learning about our work or want to get involved. They have a number of ongoing responsibilities around creating content for various routes of communication.

Current Initiatives:

  • Creating monthly bulletins boards with educational materials that are presented in the Crossroads, Foothill, and Clark Kerr dining halls.
  • Designing and installing signage for napkin dispensers in the dining halls to highlight current initiatives.
  • Managing HADSA’s social media – including Instagram (@hadsa.berk) and Facebook – which is an important component of outreach that highlights programming, educational materials, and accomplishments.
  • Compiling a record of events, which is an ongoing document of all events and initiatives put on by HADSA. This record allows the team to learn from the past experiences by reflecting on what worked well and what can be improved.
  • Including weekly announcements in the ResLife Newsletter.
  • Maintaining the website.