The Housing and Dining Sustainability Advocates team was founded in the Fall of 2018. Up until then,  two environmental organizations, The Cal Dining Sustainability Team (TCDST) and the Residential Sustainability Program (RSP) promoted sustainability throughout the department. Both RSP and TCDST were initially funded independently through TGIF (http://tgif.berkeley.edu/) grants. 

  • TCDST was founded in 2012 to support environmental initiatives and consult with Cal Dining on environmental practices. Cal Dining hired the department’s first full-time Environmental Initiatives coordinator in 2015.

  • RSP was founded in 2007 as a unit-based approach to promote green living in the dining halls and equip residences with knowledge and tools about how to reduce their environmental impact.

  • The two teams merged in a larger effort to centralize housing & dining sustainability efforts in 2018. A full-time Sustainability Coordinator now oversees the Housing & Dining Sustainability Advocates (HADSA) team.