HADSA Hiring & Internship

Hiring Positions: when HADSA has open positions, hiring occurs at the end of the semester. This allows us to on-board new team members before the following semester when they will start. The job descriptions are circulated through our social media, Handshake, and work study. We are not currently hiring for any positions.

Internship: We are not currently accepting applications, but here is a sample of what past applications have looked like. If you have any questions, please contact the HADSA Internship Coordinator.

Spring 2020 Intern: “This internship was a good introduction to the professional sustainability world and how sustainability is handled/achieved at UC Berkeley and other institutions. The communication with Ella and Madeleine was amazing, you could really tell they wanted to support us as interns and students. There were a lot of resources presented to us that we as UC Berkeley students, have access to and it was very helpful in getting acclimated and further educated on sustainable practices and how I can help implement them.”