Food Resources

There are many resources available to students in Berkeley to help meet their basic needs for food security and healthy, sustainable food options.

Some of these include the Food Pantry, the Berkeley Student Food Collective (a sliding-scale grocery store), and gardens such as the Student Organic Garden Association (SOGA), Oxford Tract, and the Clark Kerr Garden which often have free produce. The Berkeley Food Institute does great work trying to create more just and sustainable food systems in Berkeley. Check out their UC Berkeley Foodscape Map!

Cal Dining is committed to serving nutritious and sustainable food. In addition to focusing on plant-forward cooking, Cal Dining prioritizes using ingredients that are locally grown, humanely-treated, and environmentally and socially responsible. They have several different meal plan options to offer and they operate at over a dozen locations on campus.

When shopping for food, the conscious decisions we make can have an incredible impact on our carbon footprints, the planet, and the people and communities involved in our food systems. If it is an option for you, please consider: