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Scientifically Proven Methods to Trick People into Thinking You’re Hot!

Are you tired of grooming yourself to get attention and dates? Yeah, me too! Let me tell you some secrets that lay in pheromones so you can take advantage of these little molecules to become attractive to others!


Copulins are the subconscious key that opens the door to a man’s sexual appetite. Pheromones produced by the vaginal wall, these hormones and the fluids they come with are the “wetness” you feel building up prior to sexual activity. The molecules diffuse through the air, enter a man’s nostrils, and serve to stimulate the man subconsciously. They imitate polypeptide neurotransmitters and take control of the hypothalamus, causing a man’s limbic system to shut down. As a result, he will have hazy memories of anything happening in the moment of exposure while feeling a sense of euphoria. So, basically, it’s a sure-fire way of reeling him in.

Since copulins are more aggressive than normal polypeptides, they can be quite addictive, so in some ways, they are similar to other drugs such as cocaine, which alter your brain’s neurotransmitter activities. Many other action mechanisms of copulins aren’t fully understood, but all in all, it’s essential.

Women have used copulins in odd ways to get a reaction from men. Many rub their their genitals to get some copulins on their fingers and then smear it on men’s neck for a possible subconscious outreach. There are also perfumes out on the market that contain copulins if you’d rather go with that method.

Keep in mind that during ovulation copulins are at a peak—so take advantage. What? It’s not that weird!


Fellows, you naturally release pheromones as sweat is produced from your skin. The trick is to not smell like B.O. all the time but still not get rid of your pheromones all together. Unfortunately, that means you will still need to take frequently showers and groom yourself so that you don’t smell too awful.

Here’s some more bad news. The production of pheromones are linked to your testosterone balance… so much for being lazy and getting laid. As testosterone levels increase in your body, so does your pheromone synthesis. Exercise and zinc supplements are some ways you can improve your testosterone levels.

Exercising with heavy weights for low repetitions has been shown to increase the body’s production of free testosterone, which can lead to an increase in pheromones. Additionally, zinc is necessary for testosterone production in the body, so a supplement of up to 15 mg of zinc per day can also be beneficial.

So, it turns out that grooming and exercise are in fact still necessary to win over that special someone. But now that you have some extra tips, you should be ready to get to work and land yourself that hot date!

Article by Arya Minaie

Feature Image Source: AskMen