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Are Long-Distance Relationships Healthy?

Long-distance relationships are notoriously difficult, but when in love, we would all like to believe that we can make it work. Considering how many relationships stem from online meetings and how often school and work opportunities require us to relocate, long-distance romance is getting more and more… convenient. Can long-distance relationships be healthy, or are they doomed to fail? Let’s consider a few of the most common issues long-distance couples might face.


One of the main challenges of using social media to maintain a long-distance relationship is that technology can’t convey exact intentions or nuanced feelings. Aside from “bad misunderstandings,” such as over-analyzing what was meant to be a statement to be taken at face value, there is the problem of “good misunderstandings.” By this I mean that long-distance relationships can easily hide problems in the relationship. It’s easy to edit, censor, and think through your thoughts when you are communicating online, on the phone, or even over text. Therefore, your idea of your partner can easily be limited to only the good, which is not necessarily the same as reality.


Although the your partner may seem perfect (and as stated above, this could be a misunderstanding), it is almost paradoxical to have a partner who is never physically there. This can be very isolating and lonely for both parties in a long-distance relationship. We have all experienced a moment during which a hug was more powerful than any words could have been. A person in a long-distance relationship would be deprived of this type of physical comfort (which we, as humans, need!). Additionally, because the relationship is long-distance, the chances of continuing to find things in common may be more difficult than it would be for a regular couple. The traditional conversations about common activities, friends, and even school can not only become one-sided, but can even isolate the partner who isn’t experiencing these things firsthand.

Now that we discussed some of the potentially problematic aspects of long-distance relationships, let’s discuss about some ways to make a long-distance relationship healthy.

Open Communication

In any relationship, communication is important. However, in long-distance relationships, communication is essential. To do this, consider that it may be difficult to talk about the present at times. In this case, it can be helpful to instead talk about the past and the future. What has already happened in your lives and what may or may not happen in the future is not so immediately affected by the distance. And when you do talk about your day, it helps to take the time to explain to him who your friends are so he feels connected to your day to day life.

Think Positive

Instead of thinking about the difficulties of a long-distance relationship that could get you down, think about all the positive aspects of a long-distance relationship. Although this can be very difficult when you feel lonely and miss your significant other, you can consider it as an chance to focus your time and energy on yourself—and this is an important experience that is best to embrace.


Article by Jami Wang

Feature Image Source: Hello Giggles