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Common Sense About the Common Cold

We all know the feeling. You wake up late one day, and it feels like a train has smashed into your head. Your nose is stuffed, and your throat is scratchy. As your joints ache, you get out of bed to face that early morning class that you almost missed.

Colds and the flu are the worst. I know that as a student, one of my main activities in the winter besides studying or making hot tea is fighting off colds. I don’t know what it is, but something about my immune system seems to attract all types of illnesses.

Because of this, I’ve amassed a little bit of information you may find useful in your own battle to stay healthy. A lot of them are no-duh, but some are slightly more nuanced.

First and foremost: wash your dang hands. I know, I know, it’s a no-duh statement, but I’m not kidding. Don’t just wash them after using the restroom—wash them after class, right when you get home, and anytime you touch something that oodles of people have touched (yes, that means anything on the AC Transit 51B).

Also, sleep! I can’t stress this enough. Studies show that missing out on your sleep will weaken your immune system. Though everyone is different, college students generally need more than 8 hours a night. I know you want to cram hard for those midterms, but remember that you’ll do even worse on them sleep-deprived and sick.

Finally, if you do get sick, pound vitamin C, drink fluids, and sleep. Awesome (and tasty) sources of vitamin C can be orange juice, lemons, and other fruits. While there is no strong research that shows vitamin C will help you recover from a cold or flu faster, it certainly won’t hurt!

So go ahead and follow these advices. I know I sound like your mom, but there are reasons that these common sense opinions are still around.

Article by Ally Rondoni

Feature Image Source: NetDoctor