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We’ve all had that one week where we were so swamped with midterms and papers that we could barely manage to function. The thought of even saying hello to someone is a distraction from the constant overflow of information that is running through your mind as you walk to take your test. Even after your test when you should be feeling the sweet relief of being done, you have to go home and study for your next exam.

During these times—and frankly even when Berkeley is “less stressful” (let’s be real, when isn’t Berkeley somewhat stressful?)—eating healthy is most likely not a priority. Who cares about getting your proper amount of protein when you have a Chem 1A midterm to study for, right?

But what if there were snacks—albeit not as “crave worthy”—that not only filled you up, but also were healthy and, dare I say, fun to eat? Instead of munching on that bag of hot Cheetos at 1 a.m. because they were in the vending machine down the hall, there are healthy study snacks that will curb the hunger, serve as a nice distraction from studying, and help you maintain your gorgeous figure so you won’t be 10 pounds heavier by the end of the semester. And although these study snacks might take a little extra time to get, taking a brisk walk in the fresh Berkeley air will get those endorphins running and actually help with studying!

We’ve all heard the famous quote, “Eat your fruits and vegetables.” Although this wisdom has become a bit contrived, the meaning remains true. Instead of buying those hot Cheetos, why not put an apple in your bag when you leave your apartment, or buy one from the GBC during the day? Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins and fibers so you can feed your snacking desire and not feel guilty about it! Sure, hot Cheetos are fun to eat. The crunch, the addictiveness—it’s all around delicious and fun. But fruits and vegetables don’t get enough credit: the crunchiness of celery, the tartness of an apple, the juiciness of firm grapes. Isn’t this making you hungry? Fruits and vegetables are also “naturally low in fat and calories and are filling,” so eating these as study snacks will not only help you maintain your figure but will also allow you to keep studying for longer because you will be full (a bag of hot Cheetos won’t curb the hunger for long and may even hurt your stomach).

Nuts are another great, healthy snack. Nuts are rich in “polyunsaturated oils… and are rich in protein,” a great combination to fill you up and keep you body and mind healthy. Not only are nuts good for your heart and highly nutritious, they are inexpensive, easy to store, and easy to toss into your backpack and bring with you to study. As college students, what could be better than this?

Some other easy snacks include yogurt, whole grain cereal, beans and brown rice, and even a little bit of dark chocolate. Next time you get hungry when studying, opt for one of these healthy study snacks. When you start eating healthy, your body and mind will become refreshed and motivated to take on the studying and taking of exams in a whole new way.


Article by Jordana Cohen

Feature Image Source: Stillwater Living