Making OCF Google Apps accounts

The OCF has its own Google Apps deployment, which we mainly use for GDrive and GMail. While it's possible to use Calnet accounts for these ( emails redirect to Calnet by default), most active staffers choose to have a dedicated account because:

  • It allows for nicer integration with our Google Drive folders
  • It makes it easier to send emails from the domain, which is good if you want to send an email while representing the OCF
  • It can be useful to have a separation between OCF and Calnet accounts.

Making an account

Google Apps accounts are available upon request for OCF staff members, and are granted at SM discretion. Upon getting one, staffers should be aware that OCF emails will be sent to the new account instead of the Calnet account that they're used to.

Making a new account requires Google Admin privileges:

  1. Go to, click on the "Users" section of the Admin panel, and press the '+' button.
  2. Fill in the first and last name of the user, and make sure their email address matches their OCF username.
  3. Update the user's mail attribute in LDAP to use Google Apps: kinit you/admin uid=usernamehere. Change it to The g. in the domain is critical; omitting it can cause email delivery loops in our system!