SSHing into Supernova

When contributing to the OCF codebase, you will need some way of running and testing your code. Most of our applications cannot be run on a personal machine--they need to be run on OCF infrastructure. For most projects we recommend doing all development from supernova, a server available to all staff. Our Kubernetes server is also accessible from supernova.

Before you begin

You need to be on staff to log into the server. If you're not sure whether or not you're on staff, try logging in. If this doesn't work, talk to a staff member and we can add you! All are welcome and encouraged to join.

Logging in

To log in, open a terminal window and type in:


For more instructions, see the SSH docs. You should replace with

Things you can do on supernova

Administration scripts

Some scripts, such as ones used to create group accounts and refund printing quotas, are available on supernova. Learn more about these in the scripts section of staff documentation.

Development and Testing

You can git clone OCF repositories and run them on supernova. An example for ocfweb:

git clone # clone the repository
cd ocfweb # change directory into the repository

... make changes ...

make test # run tests to make sure everything is working
make dev # start a development server and see your changes live


To access Kubernetes, simply run kubectl commands. See the Kubernetes documentation for more information.

Note that staff only have viewing permissions for the cluster. Interested stafferse can request write access to a development namespace by talking to a root staffer.