Editing docs

The OCF's documentation (formerly known as "the wiki") is a part of the OCF website built with Markdown where we provide technical support for users and documentation for fellow staff.


Docs is currently a part of the OCF's main website, known as ocfweb. Markdown syntax is parsed by Mistune with syntax highlighting done by Pygments.

We use a wiki-like syntax for making links within documentation and the website, e.g. from Virtual Hosting:

All virtual hosts on the OCF must include an [[OCF banner|doc services/vhost/badges]] on the front page that links to the [[OCF home page|home]].

Editing docs

Edits to the documentation are made via the OCF website's Git repository on GitHub. The editing process is like our other Git workflows:

  1. Fork the repository on GitHub.

  2. Make changes on a new branch.

  3. Push your changes.

  4. Make a pull request.

Once you make a pull request, it will automatically be tested by Jenkins, the build server. Jenkins will also deploy your changes once they have been merged.

For simple changes, you can just click "Edit this Page" in the sidebar. This will open the file in GitHub, and walk you through the steps for either commiting on master or making a pull request.

For more complicated ones, the repository's readme file has instructions for testing and building the website so you can preview your edits before making the commit. Also see our page on Git for further info on working with OCF repos.