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Hi! I am an Associate Professor at the Oslo Business School, Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet). My research focuses on development economics. Prior to joining OsloMet, I obtained a PhD in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley in August 2017.

  fenella [dot] carpena [at] oslomet [dot] no

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Journal Articles

[7] The Effects of COVID-19 Policies on Consumer Spending in Norway, Contemporary Economic Policy (with Dan Zhang and Laurens Swinkels). 2023 [working paper version][replication files]

[6] Less Conflict, More Food Security: A Case Study of Cauca, Colombia (in Norwegian), Internasjonal Politikk (with Nury Bibian Bejarano). 2023.

[5]   Age of Marriage and Women’s Political Engagement: Evidence from India, Journal of Politics (with Francesca R. Jensenius). 2021 [working paper version] [replication files]

[4]   The Causal Mechanism of Financial Education: Evidence from Mediation Analysis, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (with Bilal Zia). 2020 [working paper version]

[3]   How Do Droughts Impact Household Food Consumption and Nutritional Intake? A Study of Rural India, World Development. 2019 [working paper version] [replication files]

[2]   The ABCs of Financial Literacy: Experimental Evidence on Attitudes, Behavior, and Cognitive Biases, Management Science (with Shawn Cole, Jeremy Shapiro, and Bilal Zia). 2017 [working paper version] [replication files]

A subset of the analysis in this paper was previously circulated as Unpacking the Causal Chain of Financial Literacy, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 5798. 2011.

[1]   Liability Structure in Small-scale Finance: Evidence from a Natural ExperimentWorld Bank Economic Review (with Shawn Cole, Jeremy Shapiro, and Bilal Zia). 2013 [working paper version]


Book Chapter

[1]   “Microfinance for Entrepreneurs,” in The Oxford Handbook of Entrepreneurial Finance (with Miriam Bruhn and Bilal Zia). 2012 [working paper version]


Working Papers

[1]   Entertainment-Education for Better Health: Insights from a Field Experiment in India. 2022. Revise and resubmit, Journal of Development Studies



[4]   Access to Food in Cauca, Colombia: Descriptive Patterns from the 2011 National Quality of Life Survey. Chapter 4 in Food for Security: Mapping Mechanisms of Food Security and Conflict in Cauca, ColombiaSIFO Project Report, 2021.

[3]   Harnessing the Private Sector for Agricultural Technology Adoption: A Case Study of Agro-dealers in Chotila, India. 2019.

[2]   Customs Capacity Building for WCO Members: 2012-2015, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Report No. 2018-1 (with Roman Vakulchuk). 2018.

[1]   Revealing Demand for Pro-Poor Innovations, USAID White Paper (with Guillaume Kroll, Ishita Ghosh, Emmanuel Letouze, Javier Rosa, and Prithi Trivedi). 2014.