Staff mailing lists

Mailing lists

There are several mailing lists used internally by staff. Append to the end of each mailing list.

All staffers are automatically added to the following two mailing lists:

  • staff: For staff announcements, such as meeting times and events.
  • wheel: For technical discussion among all staff

Staffers can also choose to be further added to the following mailing lists. Technical Managers are required to join them:

  • rt: Emails sent to Request Tracker are copied to this mailing list. If you are on the rt mailing list, you can reply to RT tickets from your email. You are highly encouraged to join this mailing list even if you're not root staff.
  • root: Miscellaneous messages from system daemons are sent here:

    • Cron daemons send mail containing any stdout/stderr output from cronjobs
    • Jenkins sends emails whenever a Jenkins build fails
    • ocflib sends emails whenever an uncaught exception is thrown in ocfweb, create, enforcer, and several other background tasks
    • Miscellaneous other emails are sent here

    This mailing list gets a median of ~10 messages every day, although on some days it can get a lot more.

  • puppet: Error messages from puppet runs go here. This list tends to be very noisy.
  • mon: Monitoring alerts are sent here:
    • Rackspace Cloud Monitoring emails us alerts when our important services are inaccessible from outside the OCF network.
    • Munin sends mail whenever some munin measurement (e.g. disk usage, RAM usage, etc.) is outside the normal range.
    • Prometheus sends mail for alerts, similar to Munin.
  • extcomm: A compilation of technical mailing lists for upstream projects and projects we mirror.

On the administrative side, the officers mailing list receives emails related to OCF administrivia. Cabinet members are expected to be on this mailing list, and any other staffer can audit it as well.

Operations Staff are added to the opstaff mailing list.

There are also some special purpose mailing lists:

  • ( we add emails from Calapalooza tabling to this mailing list, and send out announcements about staff meetings here. We use a Berkeley mailing list here to let non-OCF members sign up for it.

    This mailing list should be cleared every fall.

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