Staff privileges

OCF staff are members of the OCF who contribute their time as volunteers, and are given responsibilities and privileges to maintain and improve the OCF's infrastructure. There are many powers granted to staff, which for simplification have been consolidated into a tiered structure.

Each tier includes the privileges of the preceding tiers.

Staff privileges are distinct from the Board of Directors and Officers, which hold legislative and executive powers respectively, although in practice virtually all Directors are staffers.


group ocfstaff

  • receive staff@ocf mail (including staff discussions and announcements)
  • can process group account requests
  • can access and process Request Tracker tickets
  • receive wheel@ocf mail (including discussions with technical jargon)
  • can change print quotas
  • can login to all servers
  • can edit shared staff files such as User_Info and motd (message of the day on public servers)
  • can directly edit the OCF website and commit to some other repositories, such as slackbridge, templates, and utils, and are expected to maintain them
  • must hold staff hours, alongside other staffers
  • must join a staffer family

/root principal

In order to reset user passwords, staff must possess a /root principal. Before RSOs became able to reset their passwords online in 2015, this principal was widely given out. Since then, it has become much less necessary to have for staff hours. It is now given out as needed.

Technical Managers

group ocfroot

The most technical and "on-call" staff members are given sudo access (root privileges) on all servers and the ability to modify LDAP/Kerberos directly.

The Site Manager(s) and Deputy Site Manager(s) are always Technical Managers. Other Deputy Managers and the General Manager(s) often happen to be Technical Managers as well.

ocfroot group

You must be in the ocfroot LDAP group in order to use sudo on most servers, other than desktops and your own staff VM.

The ability to become root via sudo on machines other than your staff VM requires the existence of a /root principal (see above).

/admin principal

In order to modify LDAP or Kerberos, staff must possess a /admin principal and it must be granted Kerberos-editing rights in Puppet.

Other privileges

Technical Managers also have the following privileges:

  • Being in the Admin group in the OCF org on GitHub, which grants the ability to directly commit to any repository
  • Access to the RT admin interface
  • Admin privileges to the OCF status blog

Some Technical Managers, particularly the DSMs and SMs, may additionally have the following:

  • Being an Owner of the GitHub OCF org
  • Super admin status on Google Apps
  • Chanop status on IRC
  • Services Root Adminship for Anope
  • Access to the firewall configuration interface
  • Knowledge of the root password
  • Access to NetReg

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